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James' Book

The writing of my book, COURAGE in the FACE of CRUELTY, was a painstaking task indeed. First, I had to be transparently honest with myself and those closest to me. I had to be ok with exposing myself, the city of Chicago, the U.S. Marines, and the California Prison System to the world. The deeper the dive into my own vulnerabilities, the more determined I was to bring the truth to the surface. I had to exhibit the same courage that forced me to walk into and through eleven different prisons during my twenty-eight year journey. Each one of us possess that same courage which propels us to face the challenges of life and continue, no matter the slope of the mountain or narrow the path. Courage offers us the determination of never giving up. Whether you are a student of the social sciences, criminal justice, or just a seeker of truth, it is my hope that you will be enlightened and encouraged by the revelations within the pages of my book. Let there be no doubt, I am, and will always be, encouraged by your presence.

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